In Our Hearts & In Our Hands......

River Plantation Sale

In Our Hearts & In Our Hands.

This week we are in River Plantation with an estate sale.  Throughout this home treasures to be found.  I love vintage kitchen stuff....this sale has it all from vintage to new.  I am also pleased to present a wonderful antique german wall of the best I have seen. 

Everytime I walk through the kitchen I smile at the cutest antique childs cabinet....just wait till you see it..... you will smile to.

Most of you know I love Disney World some of my greatest memories with my daughters have been there......well we have a Disney TV tray from the 60's.....LOVE IT.

Do you remember Bewitched?  We have the puzzle....yes we do and you can soon....come early Friday as it won't last long.

See you 1/20 & 1/21/12 at River Plantation Estate Sale

The Circle Of Joy!

2012 has started and we are truly blessed.   I like to remind everyone what an honor it is for all of us to be a part of each of our clients lives through their lifetime of precious memories.   It warms our hearts to see the precious memories of one to continue making memories for others in their lives.  

Each sale we have people come in and say   how sad they are to see someones belongings for sale.  I tell each of is not is wonderful.  To know that the pieces someone treasured, enjoyed and that brought a smile to their face is now doing that for someone else is a blessing.  That is how it should be.....the circle of joy!      

Whether it is an estate sale of a passed loved one or a living estate for the changing phases of life material things make us smile but do not make us who we are.   We all have material things that evoke a memory or a smile for us..... not necessarily for our family members.   However, those that buy those material things at our sales it does evoke a smile or a memory for them or a smile they share with someone else they buy it for.

We each have our own memories and special pieces we hold dear hold on to someone else's makes no sense it should be shared with others.

New beginings for a lifetime of memories.