For our Sellers (Clients)

Before we start

We ask our clients to have all items they wish not to sell removed from the sale location (best option)
To have those items not to be sold confined to one area of the home that can be secured (like a bedroom
Unless prior arrangements made.    

Once we start

Once we begin our set up we ask that NO items be removed from the sale.   This is for a couple of   reasons and is very important.   We base our fee on what is for sale and may need to re-negiotiate our fee if items are removed and affect the overall sale total.   But even more important our customers come from all over and they   expect the items advertised will be there for sale when the doors open. Items that are removed after we start...... are subject to our fees being deducted for said item.

Family & Friend attendance

We   ask that family and friends do not attend the sale.   It is a very busy time for us and is distracting for   our staff as we feel the need to attended to your needs and is an awkward time for all.... also taking the staff's attention away from the sale is not productive.       Also, if customers notice family there....   many will feel uncomfortable and will leave or some will want to ask the family to take a discount (thinking they will get a better deal) and this puts you all in a bad position.          

We approach each sale with
sensitivity, honesty & integrity.
1st Choice Estate Sales trusted by individuals, families, and fiduciaries
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