Our services are personalized to meet each clients needs.   However, each sale receives our professional services as listed below.   In addition, we supply all necessary equipment such as tables & table cloths, shelving, showcases, extensive advertising, pricing needs (tags & custom printed signage), bags & paper, permits, packing boxes, bags, and receipts to complete a full sale.

Our professional estate sale services include but not limited to the following:
With each estate sale we come to the sale location and organize, clean, and stage the sale for its best marketability.   We then research and price each item.   We also research the best avenue to sell specialty items to receive its highest return.   We do a complete full spectrum marketing campaign utilizing every media available and full signage when appropriate (pending deed restrictions).   We then staff and execute a very well organized, professional and secure sale.   After the sale we will facilitate and complete the next phase for any items not sold during sale.   We will box and bag for donation, auction or other consignment. Options are of our clients choice or we will be happy to dispose of all items after the sale if our client wishes or timing constraints involved.   We leave the house broom swept and vacuumed and counters wiped down.   You are then paid in full within 10 days of end of sale.
          Examples of set-up


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Estate Sale

This is a sale usually held at the original location.   Merchandise is from the complete household.   The most successful sales   have items from the most functional and wants.   Antiques are not always what makes an estate sale great. Many times our best sales are households of newer items or on trend decor or just middle of the road overall items.

Downsizing / Moving Sale
Also usually held at the original location.   Fewer items or a more selective group of items.   Again, what make this type of sale is a variety of items that do not fit or not financially conducive to moving them.   Items are in good condition and working order.

Storage liquidation or a required moved sale
This sale is packed and moved to another location due to location issues (deed restrictions etc..) or limited inventory.   Items are either moved to our building or
combined with another estate sale (only in very controlled settings)

Live -
Full estates or specialty sales such as farm sales, tool sales, business liquidations, or over half of inventory is specialized.  We do all size and types of onsite auctions.  We bring in all the equipment, staff and do extensive advertising for all our auctions. This is the best way to "sell" everything in a relatively short period of time.   
Online - Full estates or consignment items can go in one of our online auctions.  This is the wave of the future in selling.  In the home online auctions most everything will sell and makes for a very successful sale.  If we are to move an auction to our locations not everything may be moved. 

For those antique or designer pieces that need extra time to sell or for clients that have just a few items to sell - Can be done online through are buyer find program or in our online auctions....great avenue to sell to a broad market.

Appraisal Service
We offer a complete comprehensive appraisal service with full reporting. We also have an over all appraisal service to help with division or property.

Business Liquidation
This is type of sale varies from select merchandise (stale inventory) to full business closing sale.   Can be held at original location or moved and held as a "tag" sale or live or onsite auction.

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